Great Book , an Apron and Kyra's Fabrics

Ah, I'm not good in writing title :)

I'm still reading this great book. Can't wait to share something wonderful from it.
Really a great simple book for learning to simplify our life.

And this is the first apron I made for my boy for his cooking class yesterday. He was really excited to have it, that as soon as he arrived home after school he wore the apron again and pick my cooking tools for playing :)

And...this lovely fabrics I've got yesterday on my b'day from Kyra. These gonna be used for her blocks in our Bee Addicted group. Since this is my first bee, I think I'm a little bit nervous to cut it :( Kyra wants a wonky house for her quilt theme.


Had Already Shipped

Finally finished to made and had already shipped this morning.
I really enjoyed making them.
Since I can't sew zipper yet, so I replace it with magnetic snap and a lovely coconut shell button.

For tomorrow I've planned to continue my working on this...

Had already left for months! Should quilt it soon.


Creating for Friends

Is there anything more wonderful then creating something for dear friends, on the cozy and silent morning with a cup of coffee?
Here are the 2 bags -still in progress- made for 2 dear blogging friends. I use Indonesian batik fabrics.

Wish could make or giving something for all of my blogging friend. Hope I could make it....
Just a little bit 'thank you' for them :)
Sandy, I think you've infected me the virus of 'giving' :)


Summertime Swap

Look what I've got today at my mail ....
Another gift!! I almost can't believe for having 2 packages of gifts just in 4 days.
This time is from Andrea - Germany, my 'mystery' swap partner at the Good 'Ol Summertime Mini Quilt Swap.

Beside the beautiful mini quilt, she also send me a really pretty fabric.
Thanks a lot, Andrea :)

This is my own progress in this swap. (click the pic for a better view)

I'll send it tomorrow to US. Really hope my swap partner would like it.


Gift From Sandy!!

I received a beautiful gift package from Sandy yesterday. She made the Rageddy dolls named Ann and Andy for the kids from the preschool I managed. That's truly beautiful gift that she made with lots of love and with children safety in mind.

I've learned one important thing from her. She wrote this in her letter,
"Thank you for the opportunity to give you this gift. I really enjoyed making them for you"
Isn't that a beautiful sentence that came out from a humble warm heart that full of love? We often feel that people who received our gift is the one who should feel most happy and thankfully. That's actually not...We are the ones who should thankful first for the opportunity of giving and sharing they've given to us and made our heart glow with love. Sandy had even written this in her blog oneday.."Sometimes I don't understand why many people love to sell their crafty handmade things, I just love to give mine as a gift." I think she means that we should have a balance between selling and truly giving to other people.
Celebrating her 100th upcoming post this month, she also plan to make a giveaway for her blog readers. Just click to her blog after this and see many of her beautiful crafty handmade projects of Rageddy dolls. Oh, how grateful I am for knowing and making friendship with many incredible persons here in blogland :)

Thank you, Sandy...
Your Rageddy Ann and Andy dolls always be treasures in my heart and the kids.


Giving a try for cross stitching

I think I'm getting in love with these small cross stitches when I see them up closed like this. I wonder they're symbol of little sea creature...

but when I see this summer swap mini quilt as a whole I think they just don't get fit in there...

Still thinking for replacing them with other stitches or maybe organic lines sewing.


I'm far behind!

Errghh...I almost do nothing lately in my creative world of sewing!
Kids' sickness, starting first weeks of school, doing some errands..
Finally when I've got the time yesterday, I made a block for a swap. I think I'm far behind than my friends...The theme is Summer. What do you think, is it summery enough? My idea come from the color of beach and ocean. Did some wavy lines there.

Do you see the small turtle ? I bought it in a batik shop. I love it so much!
I should browse to find a pattern of turtle this week and make another version.

Another project I did, an experiment! Bleaching one of fabric I hate. I don't know what I was thinking when buy it. The more I look at it the more I don't like the color. So I decided to cut it in pieces and bleach. See...now they become in some more light colors tone.

Ok friends, see you in my next post! I hope this week is much better :)