'Pop Up' Quilt - An Entry for Blogger's Quilt Festival :: Spring 2011

I made this quilt almost 1,5 years ago. It made of hand dyed cotton fabric that I didn't like at first (but don't want to throw away), so I decided to cut it in small pieces, then bleached them in trying to make varieties scheme color of blues.`Such an experiment...but it turned out good. I had blue fabrics in many hues.

Most people always use cotton batting for their quilt. Since it's very difficult to find cotton batting in my country so I tried to use whatever available, in this case polyester batting. I also use my favorite cream unbleached cotton (similar with muslin).
It's such a journey to me for exploring quilting with polyester batting including a willingness to think out of the box.

I chose natural straight lines (organic lines) to quilt this piece.
The orange yellow binding is an accent color for the quilt.

It is pleasing to see how the scattered squares could add a unique design element -looks 'pop out'- squares and making you just want to touch it!
That's why I called this wall hanging 'Pop Up' :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now, I'm off to look at all these other amazing quilts on the Blogger's Festival :: Spring 2011 here.


A Series of....Kitty Creme Cushions!

New cushions ...
A series of cute Kitty Creme !

First time in applying simple stitching as an accent to my project.
I made these pillow covers from creme Indonesian local unbleached cotton (similar with muslin) and Korean soft brown linen cotton with cat prints on it.

They're all available in my Etsy shop.

Have a great day :)

I miss it :(

Last month I made a table runner from Bali batik cotton. Bali batik is so hip right now here.
It's more light and soft than Javanese traditional batik eventhough both of them are from cotton.
I quilted it with my favorite organic lines style. There are some major reasons why I love organic lines. First: the gorgeous textures that come out after I quilt my linen or unbleached cotton with those lines.
After that... maybe I love the freedom how I could move the needle, actually I don't like to follow orders!
And the last : my limited skill in quilting ! :)

Finally....I love to see how it turned out!
I put it as a listing on my Etsy shop. Two weeks ago someone bought it.
Today is the first time I missed something I made and not longer with mine. I keep busy telling myself, 'let it go, let it go..' :)
Have you ever felt this way?