1st Quilted Table Runner

My car still on the auto repair shop, need to changed its compressor. So I didn't go anywhere with the kids on Sunday....We're straight going home after joining Sunday mass.
Blessing in disguise for me...because I could make this table runner on weekend.
Plenty of spare times for doing what I loved :)

This is the back of it.

I'll send this as a gift to one of my best friend tomorrow. Hope she'll like it :)


Wavy / Curvy Block Tutorial

I try to arrange these pictures below for some friends who asked me about how to make a wavy/curvy block. I learned first from Pink Chalk Studio that KatieJean suggested me to take a look then I practice a lot with my scraps since then.
I hope I made this pictorial of sewing curvy block easy to followed since I'm a beginner in sewing & quilting . Please tell me`if I did mistakes here.

First, choose 2 kinds of fabrics you liked. Placed them overlapped, used pin to stick them.

Then cut a wavy or curvy lines you liked. Used scissor or roller cutter, choose the one you've comfortable to work with. I used scissor here.

These are the 2 pieces look alike after I cut them. Don't toss away the little piece, keep into your scrap container box. Who knows it'll be useful for your next project :)

Now, flip back the green fabric to the lower 'polka dot flower' fabric carefully then sew them together. Make sure both of the tips meet exactly at the same point before they flipped back. Start sewing along the curvy line while you carefully justified both of the curvy lines. Don't need any help of pins here, just trust your fingers :)

After the pieces had joined it'll be a little bit wavy, but it's ok. Just flip the fabric cover then ironed it.

It'll become smooth again....

If you plan to make couple of curvy line rows, just do it again like from the first step and continue. Here I added 2 more, white and grey fabrics.

I didn't include measures of fabric strips above. You can sew as long as you want to make curvy strips. For me it would be easier like that because I only need to cut off the long 'curvy line' strips I've made at the end into couple of blocks like this.

Then...I added 4 straight sides into the curvy blocks.

These are the finished blocks...

You can also make curvy lines too for the 4 edges of the block, just repeat the step from the beginning.

Enjoy sewing your wavy block :)


Pineapple Fibers Fabric

Look what I've found last week....
This lovely orange fabric made of pineapple fibers. It's amazing to me. It's just like cotton and also strong.

And then I made a block with this fabric....

Remember the blocks I just arranged at my last post before this.
Now I've finished it, but only the top. At first I was alittle bit confused if i should keep the yellow blocks or not, but Rachel from 2ndAveStudio suggested me to add another color for this wall hanging since yellow is a tough color to work with.

So I try to put my orange pineapple fibers fabric to it and I think it looks nice, more balance for design reason. What do you think?


Buzy Easter Week

I had planned at first to enjoy my long weekend here at home and finished all my quilt project (we've got 5 days off, not only for Easter also for the Election day), but yesterday my Mom's health condition is really going down (she's Alzheimer) and have to stay at hospital for couple of days, maybe. So I should be busier than usual working day these weekend.

Anyway...Happy Easter to you all (if you celebrate it).
Btw do you know why bunny linked to Easter :) I don't. I just know about the 'egg story', I think I had once read about 'bunny history' but forgot.


Doll Quilt

These are my scraps turned into....

My daughter and my little boy insisted me to make 2 quilt for their little tiger and polar bear.

And for this one I'm trying to arrange scrap blocks..not finished yet