Spring to Finish Challenge..the Beginning

These are small projects for the beginning of my 'Spring to Finish Challenge 2010' this week. Thanks for Jacquie from TPS that created this event. Helped me to motivate myself to realize my plans.

With gift fabric that my hubby gave me last year (see...it was like a decade to me) finally I made something from it. At first it planed to be small bag for my cosmetics equipment, but now my daughter keep it for her hair pins.

A tote bag and folded small clutch that I keep for 'something' next month. I'll tell you later when it really happened ;)
I bought the pattern of both small bags here on Etsy.

So...what about you? Already join this event?


My Lucky Week

This week I think I'm not productive in sewing.
Just finished a block for Melissa, one of my Bee Addicted friend. Since her fabrics is not my color, I felt a little bit hard to make it. Yes, I know it's not good... so I tried my best to make a Drunkard's Path Block for her. Some of my friends at the group said it was pretty. Thanks goodness...one of my lucky day received that compliment:)

Yesterday I went to a fabric shop looking for a cream solid for my String quilt backing, but I came out of the store with these 2 gorgeous Japanese cotton fabrics. Couldn't stand just looking at them without buying ;)

I've already made quilting lines on one of it...

This morning I feel so lucky again. I'm one of the winner of this cutie bear!!
Thanks a lot, Sonnja :D
You can visit her blog here


Projects before Easter

On this long weekend I uploaded more pics. First of all, this is the newest bag I made for my daughter this week. I used pretty spring theme fabric that Andrea, my 2009 Summertime swap partner gave me last year.

Early this week I've got sweet surprised award from Leah.
Thanks , Leah!

The other sweetest thing ...I won give away from Christy's blog. A gallon size baggie of Mill House Iin honey bun strips! So lucky am I ,
thanks a lot to Christy :)

Yesterday I finished the top of my Bee Addicted String Blocks project.
Not having good light when I took these pics.
The most I enjoyed all this week was this moment...
Couple of days ago we all had good times at the mall. After finished shopping my little boy found an interesting spot of Indonesian batik painting. He asked to try painting there. The first step the tutor lady showed him how to paint.
Here are all the process in traditional batik painting.

My boy was so excited in painting and coloring so that his big brother and sis were also interested in trying to participate. Here in Indonesia we use natural dyes made from fruit, tree bark or flowers to paint batik. This is specifically for the painted batik handmade, not the ones that made in batik printing factory.

We all really have fun there. This was the first time for them did the batik painting (so do I).

At last I wish you all Happy Easter :)