Gift for Her 14th Birthday

I made this small pocket wall hanging (I don't know what exactly the name) for my daughter on her 14th birthday today. She can put her small things on the 3 pockets there so I hope it could minimized the messy in her room.
She loves it!


Cream Thread

Finally I chose cream thread for quilting the both sides of this wall hanging or table runner..
I decided it could be used as a table runner at one time and wall hanging for other time.


Blue or Orange or both?

I was quilting this new piece this afternoon starting from the middle with cream thread and trying organic lines between blocks. One of Jacquie's quilting has inspired me to sew these lines (thanks Jacquie!)
Now for the both of the sides I want to try another color of thread, but gosh... I was so afraid to start!
Should I pick the blue, orange or both of them ?

About the scrap bag..it has done. Yay!!


My obsession in using scraps.

I think I'm so obsessed on this days to use all my left scraps into some useful things.
Last night I was sewing until past midnight for these 2 projects.
Maybe this one would turn into table runner or wall hanging, don't know yet.

I can't resist to make this bag after see this link from one of Moda Bake Shop posting.


Dirty Mat

My 1 month old mat has already 'dirty' by the thread that slipped into it after I cut fabric.
I had tried to pull out the left thread, but I think my effort didn't work good.
Look at this mat .....

If anybody has some kind of trick about cleaning the mat, I would be very happy to hear from you :)
Thank you friends!


Last night I was busy sewing all the scraps I have.
I made some into this agenda book cover....

and still have couple of rows. Thinking some cute table mats from scraps.

Well, let's see what I've made tomorrow.


Happy 4th of July

happy 4th of July to all my US friends !!
Hope you all have great day there :)


Checkbook Covers

I tried to make all this 4 checkbook covers for my best friend. We're having this sister hood friendship since early childhood. Now since she married and lived in NC, she said she used checkbook for many payments not like here in our home country. So when she asked me to make a simple checkbook cover for her, I tried!
I've found a link here to find out the measure of a checkbook cover and how to make it.