So Far ...

(Upps... I think the pics are too bright, sorry!)

So far...since I've done 4 tops for pillow covers last weekend, I can't stand for starting to make a table runner with the same 'batik' theme. Here I upload the top and the back although I'm not sure yet which one is the back nor the top, hehe...maybe we could call it 'reversible' table runner then :)

About the grey-blue ones...
I had ever bought "wrong" fabric, just wrong colors...didn't like it after I was at home. So since unused it would be a 'bad' habit along my journey in learning quilting, then I tried to cut it in small pieces.
I just love to arrange the small pieces mixed with white but now a little bit confused about which the easiest way to sew them together. Any suggestion?


Weekend's Project

I've plan to make couple of these today.

those blocks had made my bedroom a mess for quite a while...

because I cut fabrics, sew and all blogging "works" here.

Just love to do everything I 'love' in one room :)


Bee addicted - October 2009

Yes!! I've done the blocks for Melissa. Actually these are for the 2nd round - October blocks, but since I was late in receiving her fabrics so it's a little bit late also in mailing back. Hope she like the blocks.


Bee Addicted - October's Circle

After 2 days worried about my lil boy who got fever finally I've a little time left to play with Mellisa's fabrics. October is her month in our Bee Addicted and she asked us to make circles or triangles for her blocks. I chose the first.

Rearranging quarters of circles is really fun :)

My plan for tommorow... Sew them all.