Gift From Sandy!!

I received a beautiful gift package from Sandy yesterday. She made the Rageddy dolls named Ann and Andy for the kids from the preschool I managed. That's truly beautiful gift that she made with lots of love and with children safety in mind.

I've learned one important thing from her. She wrote this in her letter,
"Thank you for the opportunity to give you this gift. I really enjoyed making them for you"
Isn't that a beautiful sentence that came out from a humble warm heart that full of love? We often feel that people who received our gift is the one who should feel most happy and thankfully. That's actually not...We are the ones who should thankful first for the opportunity of giving and sharing they've given to us and made our heart glow with love. Sandy had even written this in her blog oneday.."Sometimes I don't understand why many people love to sell their crafty handmade things, I just love to give mine as a gift." I think she means that we should have a balance between selling and truly giving to other people.
Celebrating her 100th upcoming post this month, she also plan to make a giveaway for her blog readers. Just click to her blog after this and see many of her beautiful crafty handmade projects of Rageddy dolls. Oh, how grateful I am for knowing and making friendship with many incredible persons here in blogland :)

Thank you, Sandy...
Your Rageddy Ann and Andy dolls always be treasures in my heart and the kids.


  1. Henny they are just adorable, she is very creative been able to make them.
    I remember always loving the story of Raggedy Ann and Andy as a child.

  2. What a wonderful gift from such a loving heart. I loved the stories as a child and begged my mother to read them again and again to me.
    It truly is that many blessings in life are in the giving of gifts, be it time and attention, or a handmade item.

  3. I had a set of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls made by my aunt when I was a child and I adored them! What a wonderful, thoughtful gift. I also love the reminder about being the gift giver, it really is a pleasure!