I did something with my Scraps

Motivated by Leah's tagline on her postcard "Create something today", so I did something yesterday with my scraps.

This is for the Project Improv, maybe with these scraps blocks I want to make something big..

With these still I don't have a fix plan, should be something small since I only have a few scraps with these colors...



Don't forget to participate on this action wherever you lived on planet EARTH.
Turn on your light on this Saturday 8.30 pm just for an hour...
Leave your quilting or art project for a while...enjoy the night and feel how wonderful is our EARTH :) although in the dark.


I've Got a Fabric Postcard!!

Yesterday there was something beautiful in my mail box. I've got a handmade fabric postcard from Leah. She also add a mini card.
She made a great tutorial of making fabric postcard here.
It's amazing to see how she create quilted surface and embellished the fabric.

I love the tag line she put under the picture.

You want to see the back of the cards?

Thank you so much for the gift, Leah! I love them both.


(Trying) to Quilt by Machine

Yesterday i try to do this small project ...quilting a pillowcase for the first time with sewing machine.

but not succeed when I tried 2 directions of sewinglines. It's not smooth enough, I think.


Black & White Project

Here is my 1st Black & White Project and also my 1st project that I was sewing with machine. I've finally done the top for a lap quilt.
I tried to hang it on our backyard, but still the picture is not bright because it was too cloudy.
But I think it's ok. The important is...I'm getting in love to play with my new sewing machine!!

I still have some blocks left over and plan to make square pillowcases.


I found these....

I just can't stand for not sharing what I had found 2 days ago.
I went to a book fair and came to a vintage imported books booth and was falling in love with some of them. Now they're my own....

This one is a treasure for my kids, because we have never found this kind of book published here.

I've finished my top quilt for black and white project, but couldn't upload yet because my daughter had borrowed my card reader to school and forgot to take home.
Here I try to scanned (never did before..haha..) my new fabrics here. I found them also on sale :)
Oh, I hope my daughter don't forget again to bring home my card reader today...