Unbleached fabric pillow case...oh, I'm in love with it!

While waiting for the last block from my Bee Addicted friend, I made a
pillowcase from 'blacu' fabric or unbleached fabric (maybe it's almost the same with muslin ?). I get hooked with this kind of fabric. Love the natural color and texture so much!.. and also its price :)
I used cotton ribbon for making the crossed pattern at the front.

Remember this table runner? The binding has done! I (again) made a pillow as a matching pair. Well, actually not "a" but four pillows! I don't know, this week I'm in love with pillowcase and unbleached fabric. I love to see how the thread lines turned out after sewing on it.


String 'Bee Addicted' Blocks

Not much I can do while my boy has fever and common flu this weekend.
Days such like a mess :(
To lighten my mood I played with these string blocks. Almost all my bee friends had sent to me.

I calculated the small blocks and still need 24 to make a queen size quilt.
Pheww...I thought at first I've done. Really hope I can completed all this week.


Argh...ziper thing!

Saturday and Sunday I was busy learning how to sew a zipper to a pillowcase. For months I have been avoided the zipper thing! Had ever tried once but gave up then back to velcro again.
First trial was like this...there was a 'hole' at the corner. Just realized it after the zipper had sewn.

Second trial...not succeed in sewing neatly, puckers as usual!

Finally at the third trial, I can do it better, quite good to my standard.
So happy can sew a zipper now :)
Bye bye to velcro...