Simple & Easy Tissue Box Cover

Cut 2 pieces fabric of 4,5" x 18" and 1 piece of 5,5" x 18".

Use a 1/4" seam allowance and sew 3 pieces together like this. After that hem around the perimeter (fold it under 1/4" & then again another 1/4" to hide the raw edge & sew it down).

Fold it into something like this (right side in). Sew only 1 side of the rectangle, let the other open.

Cut 2 pieces fabric of 2" x 4", sew around the perimeter then make them into small cute bow ties. Or you can also make another shape of ribbon for an accent at the top, whatever you liked :)

Turn the right of tissue box cover out then hand sew the bow ties onto 2 points.
Make sure the hand sew would also tied 2 pieces together. The middle side that left opened is for pulling the tissue out. At the end of my work I just simply put velcro (for replacing button). From this side you can easily put some tissue into the box cover. Now you're done!

Hope you enjoy this simple tutorial :)

A simple project for boosting my creativity mood

Having a week holiday with kids, although we only stayed at home.. really made me feel 'tired" of having fun! Holiday often means 'leaving' my sewing machine and my blog too.

So today when kids go back to school again, I was trying to make a simple tissue box cover for boosting my creativity mood.
Should I put the tutorial here or not....let me think, because I'm still a little bit lazy :)


My "Sewing Room" is my Sanctuary

A week without sewing, the boy was sick, doing errands here and there, arggh!
Thanks God, tomorrow is weekend again and seems everything under control so I can continue quilting this piece...

Since I still use regular sewing foot for quilting so I applied these almost straight sewing line for each block, but when I turned back .... oh, I just so in love with those square stripes pattern.

Can you see something strange in that picture?
Yes, that's my dressing table where I put my portable sewing machine and it's in my small bed room where I also put and store sewing stuff (fabrics and their 'friends') on the corner.

It's ok for me for not having a special room for sewing. I feel quite comfortable here. I think that's the important thing for supporting my creativity. This room is such like my sanctuary at this present moment.


My First Bee

These are the blocks that I made for Kyra. September is her month in our 1st round 'Bee Addicted' group. This is also my first bee and I do feel afraid to cut her fabrics at the beginning, but the Wonky House theme that Kyra had chosen finally made me want to make more than just one block for her.