Still play with pinwheel

These are 2 more pinwhell blocks I made for Craftalittle. Ready to mail this afternoon.

Still in the good mood for sewing, I also made this tote bag for myself. I imagine I could take it when I wear jeans and white t-shirt. This gonna be the first time I use my own handmade bag.

Oh my goodness, this is my 100th post!!


Thursday morning

What you usually do in the morning when everyone had gone out of home, except yourself? This cloudy morning I have a quiet moment for myself and I do what I loved.

Still have not showered and wearing pajama, I began to sketch a block for Craftalittle, one of my BEE Addicted friend. See her pretty fabrics....She want a pinwheels for her block this month.

Just a moment ago it turned out to be this 12,5 inches block. I hope Craftalittle like it. Still have leftover fabric and plan continue make more blocks for her because I'm still in the good mood.


I wish....

I wish I had enough time to pick one from my pile of books that I would love to read.
I wish I had enough time for cleaning my room that full fabric scraps on the corner.
i wish I had enough time to write everyday on my blog..
I wish I had enough time for making special dessert for my kids..
I wish I could sew whenever my ideas pop up on my head...
I wish there was more than 24 hours a day for me!!

What about you this week ?