Can't wait for tomorrow! Holiday....

I think we should take a break, going on a holiday!
Yup, my family want to go this beautiful place. Bromo Volcano!
These following pics I downloaded from Mr.Google.
I really hope I will find exactly the same amazing places like that on the pics.
We are going to see the sunset there. Going up by jeep or horses.
I think horses are quite exotic.

See you next week :)


Learn from the mistake, a trial and error process!

Do you see something strange on this following pic?
Look, I sew the inside pocket of a bag upside down! Silly me... I've just realized after totally finished sewing the tote!
The second mistake ..
I did it in a hurry and insisted to use the wooden handle without really think if it matched with the tote style or fabric.

Consuming time to rearrange the tote then I made up my mind to use it as a 'Leftover fabrics Casing'.
As a little bit perfectionist, after take a break then I try again on another trial and error tote project. This time I sew a simple tote.
Learn from the mistakes I realize for this recent times my sewing skill is quite good only for simple totes :)


Tote, Tote...

Lately I love making Tote Bags. This week I try on pattern from Sewingwithme from Etsy. I bought this 'Silhouette Flower on White' fabric last week and planned it for my bed sheet, but I can't stand and cut it for making a Tote :)
I used fusible interfacing between layers.

About this one....I used my left over Modern Blue Batik for this one. Quilted both sides of the bag body and used polyester batting between layers. Make it a little bit more puffy than the White Tote.


Pillow Days

I'm getting hooked in making pillows this week.
I finished this creme unbleached cotton one that I've started almost 3 or 4 weeks ago. I'm happy for the result. Inspired by the maze puzzle then I sew the quilting lines like that.

These two ones inspired by the vintage batik cloths that I saw in a traditional market in Jogya, a famous cultural city , 3 hours drive from my hometown. I spent a whole Saturday there with my husband. We both love browse and visit traditional market in every city we visit.

About this vintage batik cloth....I fall in love with the pattern and its "old style" colors and bought many. I chose log cabin pattern for these pillow in case for showing couple of vintage batik cloths in one project. I still used unbleached cotton and polyester batting between layers.
What about you...what's your project for this week?


Good Weather Outside

Good weather outside on these days. It brings good mood to me too.
Yesterday I made this classic tote bag. Hmm...will take it for this weekend out with the kids to the newest cinema. It's kind of reward to my self after finishing the Spring to Finish challenging event.

To matched the tote I also made this little pouch. I can't stand to see my little boy's old jeans pants. I recycled it into tote straps and part of the exterior fabric for the pouch.

Well...how's your hometown weather?
Hope it also good because Summer has already knocked your door :)