A Big Present (for my self)

Hi friends...hope you're all have a great weekend.
I'm so excited this weekend. Yesterday I finally decided to buy a sewing machine!!! It was really a big present for my own haha...
I never bought a present for myself before as long as I remembered :)

Maybe this Sunday I'll spend the day trying to sew with it. Since this is really a new thing for me ( I never sew with sewing machine before)I'm sure I need couple of hours to try and make a good stitches.

Yesterday, when I tried..
at first it was moving smoothly, then came the 2 boys who also excited with the machine and all the stitch display, selector dial, the little bulb that turn on when the machine works, so many....both of them try everything they can and....the needle stuck, not moving again...haha...
So I left it for a while, go to sleep.
Hope today I can sew with it.
I thought at first it would be so easy to operate like the tag I saw in the package box, but still it wasn't easy at all for me.

Need times to adjust from hand sewing to a machine. So...wish me luck!!


Sending and Reading

I didn't do anything serious in sewing last week. I was very busy doing many errands to downtown (mostly our domestic stuff and tax...errgh!!) and made new report books for toddler class for this term.

Today I only have 2 jobs waiting...
Must send this to Jacquie after 1 week of pending (Sorry!)

and have to finish this great book this afternoon. Randy, the writer is a cancer sufferer, but he wrote his book not about cancer or his suffering as a patient, but he
wrote his book based on the principles of celebrating the dreams we all strive to make realities. Very interesting and inspiring..

What a nice jobs to do.....


Missing Him on Our 15th Anniversary

I know I should not write this here since this is my blog about my art and craft things,
Today is our 15th anniversary
Without my husband here so I really want to share this special day at this blog
No celebration, no cakes, no flowers
Only my warm heart full of love and thought for him
And trying to write a love letter for him at this moment
(I hope I can make it before noon and email him, so he could read first in the morning there)

I just surprised we’ve been through together for 15 years…
I think marriage is just like riding bicycle together in a tandem style
Married six months Married three years Married ten years Married twenty-plus years
I hope we could still make beautiful music together.


The first of my 3 curvy lines blocks

That's all the three curvy lines blocks. Finally I finished it last night (haven't ironed yet!)
Ready to sent for the charity project improv created by Jacquie.
After this I want to finish my black and white quilt challenge project.


A little peek

I'm very busy this week with the kids whose getting sick and household stuff... It just feel half of my self should do those important stuff, and the other half want to sew these blocks. So just a quick and little peek for this unfinished small blocks...