Good news to start a new day

Oh, I'm happy this morning because I finally received an invitation in my inbox from Jackie to join her "Black and White Quilting Challenge". Good news to start a new day :)
I wonder where this challenge will bring me in quilting..
Today I'm starting my quilt batting. Hope I could finalized it in a right way.

Till next post and happy weekend :)


Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you enjoy your thanksgiving day :)

I do enjoy this day very much, because I had just recently received my dacron batting from my friend, Yuke. Yay...I'll start (to learn again) for quilt batting tommorrow.
And here's another paper quilling card I had made this morning. Sorry, the picture is not so good.


Paper Quilling Book

Yesterday on Sunday’s shopping at the book store with the kids, I found this lovely paper quilling book and so happy because it sold in HALF PRICE !!

I used to quill color papers before I learn quilting and sewing. I plan to make some cards again while waiting for my quilt batting after posting this.
Have a nice day for you all :)


A Little Project for Christmas

While waiting for a special gift -dacron-batting-for-my first quilt- delivery from one of my best friend, Yuke Lee (I think I’m a little bit impatient to receive it and continue my sewing. Thanks, many thanks to Yuke… I really didn’t expect to have it as a present!!) I did this little Christmas project this afternoon for little girl. Since I don’t have little girl anymore then I had already given it to one of my friend’s kid. Seeing her expression maybe I would make another 20’s for the preschool kids as Christmas presents.


First -to-be- Basting

I am about to sew my first quilt as you know - and this is the part I am confused about now -basting - especially in choosing the filling, I mean the quilt padding. Surely, I did follow some tutorial in it. (thanks Monica for your links!).
Now since I have been shopping around for a whole week to find it and only this kind of white-puffy-like-cloud batting I could buy here....

Not similar to this picture I had download from a quilt batting tutorial blog. It looks like layers..
The shop owner said that they don't have any dacron batting like I wanted. I bring this picture while shopping for the batting :)she meant not only at her shop but others shop here in my city!
Maybe one of you had ever did this basting project with dacron/polyester like I had bought.
I may be bugging you for help -as always- if that's ok! :-)


I'm Going to Finish It

Yay, yay…finally I’m going to finish this blanket for my girl(maybe before Christmas) :)
I had chose a strip of red inside and white outside for the binding, but at this moment I faced another problem how to binding the edges, LOL!
Should I made a Dacron layer first in the middle and sew with the backside fabric layer before binding or what? Please, please help me…..friends

I appreciate all your comments and helps. I tell you.. without all your encouragement comments and helps I know I can’t make it all this way.
Thank you so much …
I also proud I can sew now for the first time although I don’t have a sewing machine.

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