Only 4 Blocks in A Week

Here is my progress with my first patchwork and quilting project.
So far... only 4 blocks had made in a whole week. My little one, Ian was sick -Bell's palsy disease- so this is the best I could make for the project.



I spent yesterday evening by trying to make some patterns. I think I should put red fabric to make the pattern more dynamic. Haha…that’s only my own “theory”. Of course, I should take the easiest one since this is my first time to sew and make patchwork.

I think the easiest pattern is the first, but the red triangle seems more challenging..
What do you think?


First Project in Patchwork

Wuihh...finally I really understand why quilting is always expensive (as far as I know)! This is my first project to cut and make all the four square put together and it isn't easy at all, but I don't give up :)

Take a look at the first cut I had made to the white square, haha..not straight!
I found difficulty too in sew from the center, just to make the big square in right position. Any helpful tips on it?

Finally I'd done the first square...
Please do make comments for me. I would be glad to have some sugestion from you :)


Knitting and Novel

I found this novel about 2 weeks ago on a sale at a bookstore. The cover had taken my attention at the first sight because it reminds me to one of my new blogger friend, Rachel from the Cornblueflower Studio who loves knitting.
I can’t knit but always admire people who knitting. I seldom buy a novel just by looking the cover, but that time I didn’t know I really want this novel. Until today I have read until page 80, all is 329 pages :)
So far … the story is very interesting. It’s a deeply moving portrait of female friendship at a knitting club.


Start to Learn Patchwork & Quilting

It has already been years ago I was interested in patchwork and quilting, but never had a way to learn as a beginner.
No one of my friends here could quilt so I would be glad if some of you that already expert in quilting give me some suggestion.
Yesterday I was looking for a patchwork & quilting book for a beginner at a bookstore and I found this.

Take a look at those steps...

Is this a good book for a beginner (that could only sew straight lines :) ? Thank you so much for all your comments. I really appreciate it.



I like to collect ribbons, dried flowers, colored paper, flanels or something cute and unique to my eyes.

Sometimes I made them into a paperquiling card or a gift box...

but sometimes I don't exactly know what I want to create with all those things. Just keep them in my plastic container boxes and believe that onetime I would need them for one of my craft works.