'No Spending Spree' on fabrics...How?

Yesterday I stopped by to a fabric shop, intended to buy ONLY for a meter of burgundy floral fabric. I kept on my mind for only buying 1 piece, but....

not more than 30 minutes I also bought these...

Oh, I never can't help myself to buy only 1 piece of fabric ...every time I visit that shop! I wrote on my FB wall about this. My lovely friend, Nina said that she also on a 'No Spending free' this moment and it's hard!!
So..what about you? How could you stand for buying not MORE than you need on a fabric shop? I really want to know..because I really 'weak' on this issue :(


Her 'Unquilted Bag'

This is the 'unquilted bag' my daughter asked.

Try to put a feminine girly touch with the light purple fabric and slouch style.

Btw, I think I need a break in making bags and start quilting something again :)
And I just found this awesome blog, 365 days of freemotion quilting! It means she made new quilting line everyday...wow! You'd better check her works here:


'....but please don't quilt it, Ma."

Maybe you're curious about that my title for this post.
Actually that was my daughter said to me couple of days ago. She asked me for a slouch bag, but doesn't want me to quilt it like I often did.

I don't know with you, but since I get hooked to sewing and quilting...I often quilt most of my handmade items. Even when it doesn't need or just fine not to be quilted, still my eyes or my feeling said,"it seem this items would be prettier if I add some quilting lines there", haha....

That's why my daughter said ,"I want a cute bag, but please don't quilt it, Ma."

By the way here's the slouch bags I made. She asked for the same design but in different fabric.

Well, let's see..:)


3 Surprises & a Blogfriend's Give Away

I've got 3 surprises today.
The first one ..
a package of beautiful fabrics from Diana, a dear family friend in Holland. she said it was a birthday gift :D

quilting books!! One of my dream is to have Denyse Schmidt's book and noew I have it :D
My ex-college roomate (also my bestfriend) who lives in San Jose now sent it to me by mail.
Oh, I just can't stop turned the pages over and over again.

The last surprise is...
I made a puckery quilt (again), finally finished and could take a quite good macro picture of every details (usually it was difficult for me).

It could be a table runner or wall hanging and still explore the same fabrics.
That's all my 3 surprises for today.
How about yours?

By the way...one of my blogfriend -Christy-has some awesome books for you this weekend. Please pop in to her blog :)
Good luck for you, hope you will win!