New Year's Gft for my Bike

Finally I have time to upload this bicycle frame snack bag after clean up the messy almost in all rooms. I had finished it early this morning. I couldn’t find any Velcro ties at local hardware yesterday, so I used usual Velcro band to tie up the bag onto the bicycle frame.

Happy New Year to all my blogging friends :)
Hope this year will bring many new hopes, opportunities and happiness...


A Closing Year End Project

It has been 2 weeks being a “single parent” since my hubby’s departure. Our Christmas is quite good after all. 3 of my brother in laws had come to visit us, all with their families on different days so we’re just like to be entertained and cheer up by them each day. My kids love to play and chat with their cousins and I was happy to see that.

Talking about living apart from hubby.. I think next year would be very challenging for me. I should be very creative to organize my time and schedules in taking care everything. Something flash on my mind…”be creative, creative…” so I wont have much time left for sad moments or daydream…

This morning I started to make something small as a closing year project. It’s a bicycle frame lunch bag. I found this idea yesterday at evilmadscientist.To see the picture my mind instantly goes to Rachel who biking to work and also my hubby there at Netherland. He said everyone’s biking there!

I haven’t finished it, hope tomorrow. By the way, do you have a closing year end project?


My Christmas Morning

This is Christmas morning, almost 6 am. My kids haven’t waked up yet. Their Christmas socks have already full of with gifts from Santa. Aah…, what a lovely and unforgettable moment being kids at Christmas morning. I always love this moment when I’m a mom seeing all their excited and happy faces when open up the gifts.

I didn’t have a good sleep last night. Actually this is the second night of my bad sleep. After chatting with my hubby via YM (thanks goodness for the technology!)until past midnight (there’s 6,5 hours difference between us because of time zone) then I still awake in bed for couple of hours (really I miss him a lot) before finally I could fall asleep for only 3 hours. In the morning like this at least I have a cup of hot coffee to cheer up my mood. It sounds not good, isn’t it? Have any good suggestion for me?

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones….

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas Eve!!
Wish you Merry Chistmas, hope you have a wonderful one :)


Christmas Miracle

I’m sooo… happy for the 2 things that happened to me at the end of this week.

First…I finally had done my quilting. Yes, it has done!! This is going to be the first “serious” Christmas present that I had ever made for my daughter. I know she will be really happy to have her first quilt blanket.

Second … my family received a Christmas gift from the Hospital management where my hubby works. You know what we’ve got? A beautiful batik bedcover quilting !!
It’s very special because there’s a paper labeled in the casing that the quilt made by disabled peoples from a local non-profit health organization.
I never expected I would have a present of beautiful batik quilt at the same time I finished mine.

Gift exchanged by gift too??
Hmm… Christmas miracle has already happened to me :)



Well, now I had finished my quilting stich and starting to bind the edge.
I found in some part my stiches is not good....

but in another place is quite ok!

This is part of my quilt from top. Maybe I need 1 or 2 more days to finishing.

I saw a tutorial in binding by hand from sampaguitaquilts at blogspot this morning. Since actually I'm a type of a 'student' that should always have a teacher stand next to me.... I don't know if I'm doing right or not in this binding at the back of the quilt. I left dacron batting to fill the binding strip so I can have a puffy edges. What do you think?


It doesn't easy at all...

Yesterday afternoon when finally I had my ‘free time’ I was glad. I straight went to pick my little plastic container where I put all my sewing tools and find a coziest place in the living room to start quilt. I think this weekend I will bind and next week I hope it could be finished. Oh…what a long journey to create a very first piece of quilt.

For me it’s a special blessing that I still have time to do nice and simple things I want for my own happiness. I feel like recharging my “self battery” while I’m doing my hobby or learning something new even if I could only have 10 minutes to do it in a day, but…really it doesn’t easy at all to find “me time” when you're married or still have young kids. I used to be smart to find it between my daily works after works as a mom of 3 kids! That’s why I called it ‘special blessing’.
What about you?