Not much...

Not much I had made for this week.
Only two blocks for my Bee Addicted friend - Sorrel. A wonky log cabin. I love the colors she picked for tis project. It's a pity I can't finished the second block, run out of fabric :(
You can see our projects since last year here on Flickr.

Actually I made this folded bag last week. Already listed on my etsy shop since Sunday.

And...this handmade headband I made with jelly roll that I won from Christy, Sewplain. Lovely stripes isn't it? I made this cute small project after read one of Noodlehead's post about it. Thanks for the link :)


Vetiver Grass Placemat, an Indonesian Handycraft

Do you love the color of these placemats? I do!
You should see, touch and smell them in person. Yes, would love its natural fragrance.
It made from kind of grass (Vetiver Grass) and woven with cotton thread.

Vetiver grass (Vetiveria zizanioides, syn. Andropoghon zizanoides) has long been known as a source of perfume. This plant is still a family with lemon grass or rice.
Dried roots are traditionally known as fragrances, clothes closet or essential goods, such as batik cloth. This scent comes from essential oil produced in the roots.

So...when you used these placemats, it would give soft natural sweet fragrance to your dining room.
What do I do this week? I plan to make something for my Etsy store with this unbleached cotton, my favorite fabric! A little sneak peek ..:)

Tomorrow is national day here, celebrate Vesak Buddist day. Great..to have additional holiday :)


.."If you can dream it, you can do it !"

I first read the above quote in my daughter's bedroom. She had assignment from her teacher to write somebody's or their own quote to motivate them. Later she taped the paper with big print letter on the her bedroom's wall. I knew from her it's Walt Disney' quote.
The quote truly 'kicked' me on the heart. I should do something, made my dream come true one day.

Well, I will share a little it of me..
As long as I remember I love making craft since young aged and growing up I learned the joy that brightening others' heart with handmade gift and card. Since 2008 I learned to sew and quilt. Self taught with the helps of friends on blog land and those wonderful tutorials out there. The journey was really wonderful, soon I get hooked with sewing.

I became intense in sewing when my husband left us for a one year study abroad. Really grateful to find a new place where I could let go out my creative ideas into beautiful useful things. I found that sewing and quilting became one of my favorite sanctuaries. I get excited when work with colors, fabrics and get the chance to feel the different textures.

Working with unbleached natural local cotton, polyester batting and quilting it with simple organic lines is the most I loved! I enjoy to see its beauty and unique textures that popped out, another kind of beauty that slightly different from cotton batting.

Back to my dream...
It had been such a long time I want to own an online shop to sell my craft things.
The quote above and Jacquie's Spring to Finish Event has really challenged my self to make my DREAM come true. Thanks a lot to my daughter and Jacquie from TPS :)
Last week I finally set up a little corner on Etsy. I hope it would be a new challenging journey for me. I know my mind always moving, trying something different. Please visit my shop if you have time.

About my sewing things yesterday...I made these set of coaster.

I hope you all have great day :)



Yes, for sure I really LOVE this Monday.
When I'm in the middle of a hectic day, the postman came with all these gorgeous packages, all in one day!!
First...the book from Malka, Stitchindye. I really want to learn dyeing fabric. Plan in action: this weekend!

Second....a cute pin cushion from Sonnja - Beertje Zon, had traveled very far from Holland. I won her blog anniversary giveaway last month. She make cute Beertje Zonn (small teddy bears) for AIDS and orphan children. Thanks, Sonnja!

Third...another lovely strips (giveaway too!) from Cristy - Sew Plain. I'm thinking to make a bag or something pretty for my daughter birthday.
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Forth...fabric package from my Bee Addicted friend, Sorrel. It such a pleasure to be in this bee with her.