Sweet intermezzo

I enjoying my cozy quiet Sunday afternoon (while kids and hubby are taking nap). Binding this little batik table runner (actually 2009 project that I left)is really giving me an amazing feeling. What a sweet intermezzo.

Hopefully I can finish it tonight.


String Blocks

It has been a quiet week for me lately. I mean "quiet" for other things, but busy and getting addicted in doing these colorful string blocks. I have sewn more than 40 now! Get other 20's from my Bee Addicted's friends. Don't know exactly how many blocks more to sew..

I really enjoy watching their colorful strings while cloudy and gloomy weather day outside.


Not easy going back to routines...

After the holiday and family vacation was over...it's not easy at all going back to routines.
The January's windy, rainy and cloudy weather made it almost a 'perfect' reason for doing nothing in exploring my creativity.

Today I try (oh..so hard!) to take pics of my string blocks. I sew some of them, but most of it comes from my Bee Addicted's friends.

Seeing their colourful blocks really get me motivated to continue the project.
thank you my Bee friends :D