The Winners and New Wall Hanging

Thank you for all the wishes. Sorry that I publish this post a little bit longer. The electricity at my home was on and off couple of times yesterday.
So....here are the winners! I wrote your names on little pieces of paper rolled and my little boy helped me to pick up your names randomly.
Congrat for my friends....
* Jackie *
and.... * Colleen *

Please send me your address by email.

I didn't blog or browse internet so much yesterday because of the electricity, so here a little piece I made..
A small wall hanging with spiral pattern.
Inspired by rose bud, I tried to translate it into a simple spiral pattern to the front of this wall hanging.
To create an impression of a sronger vertical I added a natural straight lines between the 2 batik boxes in the middle. The batik cloth I used has a genuine traditional batik pattern from Java, Indonesia.

Since here in my place already Tuesday morning, I wish you "Happy Tuesday!" :)


Blog's (and my!) Birthday Give Away

I just realized this morning that my blog has already 2 years old this August. I checked a moment ago that I started writing here for the first time on August 27, 2008.
From a person who can't sew at all become a person who sew straight lines now :)
I found that creating beautiful items made of fabric is my passion now.
I'm so grateful being here on blogland and get lots of new friends who always help me along my journey in exploring my creativity, especially in sewing and quilting (simple lines for sure).
So..I'm thinking this is the perfect time for me to give thankful gifts for my friends here (yesterday was also my 41th birthday).

So here's the rules...
I'll count everyone who put comments here. Hopefully you'll be my next follower, but if not it's ok..This is all about thankfull gifts from me :)
I still count you, don't worry.

This little blue batik pouch is my first gift..

I'll pick 3 winners on Sunday, August 29 midnight.
Ouch...almost forget! The other 2 gifts are available on my new Etsy shop here..

ok, I'll wait!
Once again...a big thanks for all my friends in blogland who's been very sweet and kind, helpful...aah, I just can't say it all...too many! I'll be back here on Sunday.


"Monday, hopefully being a beginning of amazing week"

That was my yesterday morning prayer.
I just joined a new thread of 'The New Attraction Law team' on etsy. Interesting, meet new friends and especially could have a chance to practise and learn together what we all had read on the book. Excited!

I started my Monday by sending this pillow covers package to a lovely customer in Wisconsin.

Unfortunately my little boy was sick (He had a lot of cough because of the weather), but getting better now. While accompany him at home I tried to create a new pillow from my Indonesian batik stash. This time I took Java batik pattern and my favorite unbleached cotton.

I quilted 'rose bud' pattern on the white checkered part.
Love to see the result after all :)

How was your Monday? Hopefully great, too :)


When Orange meet Turquoise Blue...

I want to share all these beautiful items with you...
This is my first treasury on Etsy. I just surprised how vibrant and fabulous when orange and turquoise blue meet together in one piece...

This is the first time I used 'print screen' tab and paste here on my blog.
Can't upload the better pic yet :)