Great Book , an Apron and Kyra's Fabrics

Ah, I'm not good in writing title :)

I'm still reading this great book. Can't wait to share something wonderful from it.
Really a great simple book for learning to simplify our life.

And this is the first apron I made for my boy for his cooking class yesterday. He was really excited to have it, that as soon as he arrived home after school he wore the apron again and pick my cooking tools for playing :)

And...this lovely fabrics I've got yesterday on my b'day from Kyra. These gonna be used for her blocks in our Bee Addicted group. Since this is my first bee, I think I'm a little bit nervous to cut it :( Kyra wants a wonky house for her quilt theme.


  1. Great apron...love the pocket! ( and a very cute kid too :)

    I made my son an apron for his cooking class in school years ago-I still use the apron!

  2. He looks like a professional chef! : ) Great work on the apron!

  3. the apron is great and he's quite the model! so cute!! i hope his class went well.