A Red Chrismasy Table Runner - my latest project :)

Just finished this morning after a whole month on and off working on it :)
Handquilted for the loop-d-loop lines at the top and machine quilted with simple organic lines for the rest.

Made from local red thick cotton with beautiful flowers print on it and local cream unbleached cotton.

The backing is also made from the same unbleached cotton.
Still in this project I was exploring how quilting polyester batting with organic lines could create a gorgeous texture on a quilt.
I used polyester batting to come up with unique and slightly different beauty in comparison if using cotton batting.

Well...this is my first christmas project for this year :)
How about yours?


A Journal Cover from Recycled Fabric

Above is a journal cover I made this weekend. It fit an A5 art diary.
I used recycled fabric, from my kid's denim and my husband's beige cotton trousers.
As a lovely accent in the front I cut a piece of traditional Holland fabric that my husband bought for me when he was there 2 years ago.

This is how I made it, step by step...

Made a piece of patchwork fabrics from your favorite scraps or just like me ... from unused clothing. Measurement : 8.50 x 21 inches.
Turn the raw, short ends of the rectangle under by 0.25" and topstitch.

I add a small pocket (3 x 3.50 inches) on the corner to keep my business cards.

Then put the right side of your journal cover facing upwards, turn each of the short ends in by 3.50" or maybe 4.00" (depends on how thick is your journal) and pin.

Make a lining from patchwork fabric too or just 1 solid fabric. Choose which one you like :)
I sew the 2 edges of this lining zigzag to overlock the fray thread of the fabric.

Place the lining over the journal cover, matching centers. Don't forget to apply a ribbon.

Stitch the top and bottom using 0.25" seam allowance.
Make sure tuck the ribbon in out the way.

Now you can turn the entire journal cover from right or left side of the opening.

Tadaaa....now your journal cover is done!
You can ironing it to make it neat and perfect.
Psst...I'm not a perfect person, see....those wrinkles everywhere! Because I'm too lazy to iron :)

Insert your A5 journal and admiring your work!! Enjoy :)

This is the back of my journal.

Hopefully this simple tutorial could help you in making your own journal.
happy weekend :)


Shoulder Bags for Autumn Season

An Orange Autumn flowers bags.....

This made from Denim...with cute little animal prints..
This is I love most...because I love RED :)
Happy weekend...all :)