The first ‘curvy lines’ block

My first block for Project Improv has finally done! It’s my first experience to sew curvy lines. Thanks to Kattiejeanbag for giving me the link to learn how to sew curvy lines. It’s a little bit tricky, but really helps me a lot! Still I need a week to sew it. I learn and try with my scraps first. I think doing it with hand sewing is also helpful because I could move forward slowly, step by step. I can’t imagine if I should sew with machine, it would move fast…maybe for a beginner like me the ‘end product’ would be terrible :)
Here I let you see how I make my curvy lines.

It’s not a perfect curvy lines sewing, I still see puckers here and there, but I think it is fine for the first time. I just love the effect after doing this: I feel addicted to make another curvy lines blocks!


Introducing My Girl's First Blog

She finally make up her mind to have a blog of her own....this afternoon. I'm glad for her :)
She loves drawing manga very much. If you have time, I hope you could visit her blog here and say hi for her first launching in blogland...
Thank you .....


About Customer

This is not a post about my art craft works. It's about 'Customer', a poem created by Mahatma Gandhi.
One of my best friend gave it to me, it's beautiful.

"A customer is the most important visitor on our premises
he's not dependent on us; we're dependent on him
He's not an interruption in our work; he is purpose of it
He's not an outsider in our business; he is part of it
We're not doing him a favor by serving him;
he is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so."

I just remember some of you having business in art works... so maybe you like it.
I do very much and had stick it on the wall at the preschool's office so whenever I see and read ; it will remind me to serve my 'little customers' better and better.


2 Wonderful and Interesting Projects

Maybe I'm a little bit "crazy" to join both. At first I started to join the Black and White Quilt Challenge Project. This is a wonderful yearlong project created by Jackie from Canton Village Quilt Works. All participants can post progress of their projects through out the year. We need to create something with black and white fabric and only add one color. So far this is the last minute of my progress..

The second one is Project Improv, created by Jacquie from Tallgrass Prairie Studio. This one is interesting because we need to create an improvised ‘log cabinish’ quilt. We should think out of the box. Here I try to design mine. I used curved lines here and there, but finally I confused how the easiest way to sew that?? hahaha...

I know maybe these 2 projects are quite difficult for me as a beginner in quilting, but I love to learn something new (Jackie and Jacquie are both wonderful online teacher for me)
Sometimes I like to asked my self like this.... "Come on Henny, how far can you go?" :)


Natalie's Sketches

On this post I happily upload my girl's sketches. She's 13 and loves drawing very much. I had ever asked her to start her own blog to find new friends from all over the world that has the same interest with her, but still she hasn't brave yet to start.
She had ever once really mad at me when I upload her sketch without her permission to my other blog. I had apologized and this afternoon I'm surprised when she asked me to upload her sketches in my blog. She wants to know my friends' responses about starting the first blog for a teenage girl like her because she thinks 'blog land' is rather serious.

I know she doesn't believe 'only' my advices, need others :)
So what do you think? (this is her question)
Thank you for all your comments.


First Pillow Project

Do you remember my first quilt project -a blanket for my daughter-? At that time I had made too many blocks so there's still block stash in my container box. I found my leftover blocks is quite enough to make a pillow although the size is not standard, about 23 x 23 inches. I made it for 3 days actually. Is there any mistakes you found here?

Since I don't have skill to sew zipper so I replaced it with velcro.

I inspired to make this pillow after seeing Jacquie's beautiful pillows. I could say she's one of my "teachers" in blog land (Thanks Jacquie!). I admire of her quilt designs.
Btw I still don't have a sewing machine and I plan to buy one. Could you please give me some advices what type of it that's quite good and not too expensive? Here I often see brands of Butterfly, Singer and Brother.
Thank you so much for your time and advices :)