Supporting Artists Team on HandmadeTop10 List

-Supporting Artists Team-, is one of teams on Etsy. I'm one of the member ther, actually also one of the leaders, too.
Right now we're entering a contest here. The challenge will run for 15 days.. ending on Wednesday July 6 . We need votes...so if you're interested in and have time to visit our team, see many beautiful items there.
Here's only 10 items you could see, but many more beautiful items from other members joined this challenge so....please take a visit, just click the picture below. Thank you :)


for the Love of Pouches...

Love making pouches lately....
These are made from local cotton with accent from Moda Mill House Inn Stripes Bun.
and...these are the latest pouches...
actually it's made from kitchen towel, good thick cotton.
I thought it would be too pretty as a towel, so...I changed it into a pleated zipper pouch :)

and this one is not made from kitchen towel fabric...but Bali batik cotton, a local Indonesian beautiful batik. Shade of blue....
You can see my other pouches at my etsy shop.


Waterproof fabric

This is the first time I 'play' to make something with waterproof fabric.
I bought the fabric online from a Korean fabric shop on Etsy.
When I first touched it, I was surprised to the quality of it. So soft, almost similar with real cotton. Before I received it, I thought it would be like plastic fabric that we often used for kids raincoat, but it was not.
So .... finally I made a tote and a pouch to accompany me to swimming pool or beach.
My stuff would not get wet with this tote :)

Ah, I just love my new tote!
I also list one to my shop here.