It doesn't easy at all...

Yesterday afternoon when finally I had my ‘free time’ I was glad. I straight went to pick my little plastic container where I put all my sewing tools and find a coziest place in the living room to start quilt. I think this weekend I will bind and next week I hope it could be finished. Oh…what a long journey to create a very first piece of quilt.

For me it’s a special blessing that I still have time to do nice and simple things I want for my own happiness. I feel like recharging my “self battery” while I’m doing my hobby or learning something new even if I could only have 10 minutes to do it in a day, but…really it doesn’t easy at all to find “me time” when you're married or still have young kids. I used to be smart to find it between my daily works after works as a mom of 3 kids! That’s why I called it ‘special blessing’.
What about you?


  1. Hello Henny, never feel too worried about stopping by for a visit, thanks for taking time out.
    I cant wait to see your quilt, I still have my to finish, I only have the top done.

  2. Sometimes all you need is a few minutes here and there. You shouldn't feel worried or guilty about it. I can't wait to see your progress on the quilt.

  3. good for you, henny. you must be so happy that you are almost finished.

  4. Thanks for visiting. It's interesting to know how bloggers find me. Jackie is a wonderful lady.