Christmas Miracle

I’m sooo… happy for the 2 things that happened to me at the end of this week.

First…I finally had done my quilting. Yes, it has done!! This is going to be the first “serious” Christmas present that I had ever made for my daughter. I know she will be really happy to have her first quilt blanket.

Second … my family received a Christmas gift from the Hospital management where my hubby works. You know what we’ve got? A beautiful batik bedcover quilting !!
It’s very special because there’s a paper labeled in the casing that the quilt made by disabled peoples from a local non-profit health organization.
I never expected I would have a present of beautiful batik quilt at the same time I finished mine.

Gift exchanged by gift too??
Hmm… Christmas miracle has already happened to me :)


  1. You quilt for your daughter looks beautiful! You should be so proud, she will cherish it forever. And what a nice surprise, the batik quilt is gorgeous. Use it in good health.

  2. What a lovely gift to receive and there is a miracle as you receive such a beautiful gift, you get to give a wonderful gift to your daughter. Your have done an outstanding job of the quilt.

    Please take the Christmas spirit award from my blog you deserve it.

  3. Your finished quilt looks so beautiful! I'm sure your daughter will be very happy, it's something that will always remind her of you!

  4. Your daughter will love this special gift. What a gorgeous quilt your husband received. Merry Christmas to you!