A Closing Year End Project

It has been 2 weeks being a “single parent” since my hubby’s departure. Our Christmas is quite good after all. 3 of my brother in laws had come to visit us, all with their families on different days so we’re just like to be entertained and cheer up by them each day. My kids love to play and chat with their cousins and I was happy to see that.

Talking about living apart from hubby.. I think next year would be very challenging for me. I should be very creative to organize my time and schedules in taking care everything. Something flash on my mind…”be creative, creative…” so I wont have much time left for sad moments or daydream…

This morning I started to make something small as a closing year project. It’s a bicycle frame lunch bag. I found this idea yesterday at evilmadscientist.To see the picture my mind instantly goes to Rachel who biking to work and also my hubby there at Netherland. He said everyone’s biking there!

I haven’t finished it, hope tomorrow. By the way, do you have a closing year end project?


  1. Great project! : ) When my husband was in the Netherlands he took photos of all the bikes lined up along the street, so many of them! My end of the year project is knitting some cabled slippers, but they might not be finished in time for New Years Eve.

  2. i can relate to living with hubby away. mine is gone all week, but at least he is home on most weekends. it's hard, but we make it work. i'm trying to finish a few quilts.

  3. Hope you can stay on top of things without your hubby, that way you can have time to create lots of things which I look forward to seeing throughout 2009.
    Happy New Year.

  4. I looked for the pattern but could not find it on evil.com...could you help it is such a great bike bag...lani