First Monday of October

Last week was not good days for me and family, especially about our health. One by one, get cough and fever. We spent the whole weekend just at home.
Today my kids are getting better except my hubby. He got very bad flu.
Staying at home all Monday morning with the little one..I tried to finished Rachel's Bee Addicted August block.
I'm a little behind on this :(
These are wonky houses for her.

My Philippines friend, Melanie sent me this package.
A bunch of beauty! She sent me a lot of 'I spy' fabrics too! So sweet of her.
Really glad to have it all :) Thanks, Melanie!


  1. So so pretty! We have been sick for months, not just last week. :(

  2. Lovely wonky houses and gifts Henny!!!

  3. Oh Henny - sorry all are not well and hope your dh gets better soon! Its going through the schools here and took me 3 weeks to get over. Love the progress you are making!!

  4. I like the wonky houses, especially the last one with tall & short houses together!

  5. Your houses are adorable.
    I hope that everyone is feeling much better. Take care, Henny.
    Love to you, Ellen K.

  6. oh love those houses! very cute !
    and fun