'No Spending Spree' on fabrics...How?

Yesterday I stopped by to a fabric shop, intended to buy ONLY for a meter of burgundy floral fabric. I kept on my mind for only buying 1 piece, but....

not more than 30 minutes I also bought these...

Oh, I never can't help myself to buy only 1 piece of fabric ...every time I visit that shop! I wrote on my FB wall about this. My lovely friend, Nina said that she also on a 'No Spending free' this moment and it's hard!!
So..what about you? How could you stand for buying not MORE than you need on a fabric shop? I really want to know..because I really 'weak' on this issue :(


  1. Hey, long time no see. You have very good taste. The fabrics are so lovely.

  2. I don’t think it’s possible... LOL! Quilters/sewers are addicted to fabrics and always love to buy new stuff. When you don’t you might feel happy in the moment, but when you get home you regret you didn’t buy it..

    No.. just kidding, I always estimate an amount I’m allowed to spend before I go a quiltstore or quiltmarket. It works for me. I have a budget I can spend each month/quarter of a year and when it’s reached, I can’t buy new fabrics.

    Good luck henny!

  3. Oh, I feel your pain! What I try to do, but I am not always successful, is to ONLY buy fabric for my current project. You seem to be handicapped by your access to a really great fabric store. What you purchased is fabulous, and I can only imagine the great stuff you left behind!
    Stay strong! ;)

  4. hi there, you have a wonderful blog. thanks for sharing your life and experience here. hope you never give up doing that.

  5. Henny, so nice to "meet" you. I was introduced to your blog by Jackie of Canton Village and very glad for it! Your blog is great - I had lots of fun looking around. I love the pillow cover she won from you - beautiful! I also would not have been able to resist buying the fabrics you brought home when you were only going to buy one!