I now join "Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp"

Maybe I'm a bit late to join this fun event on Etsy,
but it's ok..I'm starting now :)

and this is my pledge:

I, Hennyseashell, pledge to participate in the Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp to the best of my abilities. I vow to check in every week, do my homework and support my fellow Holiday Boot Campers. I will read the weekly newsletters and blog posts, check in on the weekly forum thread, read the weekly blog post, check off the checklists and salute the mascot. I promise to share what I've learned with those who need it, support my fellow Etsy indiepreneurs and, most of all, have a positive and persistent attitude. I understand that together we can spread the word about our handmade and vintage goods, making this holiday season a more unique and meaningful one to gift givers and give-ees everywhere!

Hopefully get many new friends, at least 1 'Etsy boot camp buddy' to keep us both moving forward and encouraging each other .

Would you want to join, too? Visit here..

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