Fabric Pumpkin : Halloween Decoration or Pin Cushion

I'm not celebrating Halloween here, but inspired to make a fabric pumpkin like this.
My idea is come from a book "Sewing for a Holiday" by Singer. You could use it as a small decoration for your Halloween party or just like me...use it as a cute pin cushion. It's up to you !

This is really a quick project. I also made this in the middle of my 'puckery' quilt project that has not finished yet. You only need to :

Cut eight 9 x 13 cm rectangle fabrics and draw a pattern of partial pumpkin on a paper.

The partial pumpkin pattern is 7 cm wide and 11,5 cm long.
(sorry, I just don't know how to put the numbers into the pic).
Just fold one piece of fabrics you had already cut and pin the pattern onto it.

Cut along the pattern then soon you'll have 8 pumpkin pieces like these.

Stitch with around 1/2 cm (1/4") seam allowance for 2 pumpkin pieces right together along one side using 8 - 10 stitches per inch. Leave thread tails at curved end.

Stitch remaining pumpkin pieces together, 2 at a time to make 4 sections. Stitch two pumpkin section together . Draw up thread tails to gather slightly along seam lines like this.
Just don't pull too hard :)

Look, the pumpkin pieces will look like this 'pumpkin' after you turned it right side out.
Stuff the pumpkin lightly with polyester fiberfill or leftover batting pieces. Fold the edge under itself and hand stitched after that so the small opening looks neat.

Also hand stitched the bottom of the pumpkin to close the opening.

For leaves:
Cut 2 rectangles of 10 x 18 cm green fabric. place wrong side together, fold in half.
My advise: You should use brighter green fabric than mine. This is the only green I have, so better use it than buy another :)

Edgestitch next to fold through all layers.

Make fringed leaves by clipping the fabrics at 0,5 cm interval or choose whatever size you like.

Cut a small branch from a tree, insert it at the top of the pumpkin, secure with hot glue.

Also apply hot glue to stitched fringed green leaves, wrap strip around your pumpkin.
Tadaa...now, done!!


  1. Very cute and great tutorial! Terrific for the season.

  2. Henny I love your pumpkin, your seing is just so amazing.

  3. very cute! looks like it was a lot of fun to make!

  4. I made a few for table decorations - for home and for work (a library).