Treating Puckers

I try to be 'friendly' with all puckers I had made on my quilt this week.
Look at this.....

I thought at first because I didn't use walking foot or a kind of fabric glue spray before batting that usually I see on other quilter's block (is it true?). Or maybe it's just my skill hasn't reached "no puckers" level yet :)
I remember that one of my new blogger friend Nina-Marie said she didn't use walking foot either, just regular foot with feed dogs up but having no problem in quilting. She said maybe because I used poly batt, not cotton batt so the foot doesn't move easier / smooth sometimes (and made puckers??)
There's no quilt store even less cotton batt here :(
Buying online would be very expensive, afraid!)
Well, I try my best in treating those puckers. This is the pic after I sew more organic lines in most of the area. Looks better :

Give up? No way....
Still in progress, hope I can finish this quilt next week.


  1. Could definitely be the type of poly batt that you use. But, here is a suggestion, what about sewing up one side then down the other and then just repeat the same over and over.

  2. Don’t give up indeed.
    To have a nice quilted result you need a good basting, the right batting and I can’t work without a walking foot.

    You could try with little sandwiches using different threads, batting and foot on the sewing-machine (and tension of the thread) what the result will be. Good luck!!

  3. Looking at this quilt again - I still think that the puckers and the lines really add a new design element. Its very pleasing - making you just want to touch it. Still I'm sure it would be fun to experiment with a quilt that actually went smoothly under your machine! hugs!

  4. Puckers are frustrating! Often puckering can be caused by several factors. Along with the other suggestions, you may also want to use your hands to keep the fabric smooth and taut as it approaches the needle. However in the case of your quilt, I agree with Nina-Marie... I think the puckers actually work! Hang in there, and have fun!