My Imperfection 'Puckery' Quilt

Yayy...it's done today! I did the binding for 2 days. I pick solid colors. Love the cheery feeling from those bright color.

As you know I didn't make the puckers with purpose, at first these puckers were MISTAKES I've done in quilting. Along the journey I learned something from this quilt. I learned how IMPERFECTION could turned into something different (when you see from the eye of PERFECTION), but still I found BEAUTY in it.
Now I definetely LOVE my PUCKERY quilt! I also love the puffiness that made me want to touch and touch the puckers again.

My imperfection 'puckery' quilt remind me to Amy. She has started a group to share our imperfection moments in daily life. Love her idea!

One more thing:
For me ... doing hand stitches for binding is a perfect 'quiet' time for slowing and cooling down my mind from hustle bustle activities of the day.

It's time now for thinking my next project!


  1. First of all Hooray!! Its done!! Do a joy dance! I think its awesome - It really has a unique look that nobody else is doing. I think that you can really start a trend. I love the blocks on the back. If you like the quiet work of binding you might want to try hand quilting. I always have a hand quilting project that there for the quiet moments in life!! Well done - I want to feel the it myself!

  2. I think it's beautiful!! The quiet colors along with the "puckery" quilting make it very unique and wonderful!

  3. I LOVE your "imperfect quilt"!

    I think you and your masterpiece are shinning examples of why the best creations often come from the journey, exploration and a willingness to think outside the box. as well as making do. If you ever get to see any of the "Gees Bend" quilts in person, you may be surprised to find many quilts with "imperfections" including lots of puckering, and yet these quilts are all regarded as amazing works of art!
    (Which they are!) I think your quilt is also an amazing work of art! Congratulations!

  4. very pretty quilt. yes, the puckers make it look soft and cuddly!!!

  5. Your quilt looks great. I love it! It has more character than a lot of so-called ‘perfect’ quilts.

  6. You're all so encouraging and sweet! Thank you :)

  7. it's beautiful, henny. i love all the puckering. the colors are wonderful too.