24 hours a day...sometimes not enough!

I often feel that way .. especially on the beginning of each week.
Like this Monday, since early in the morning until 4 pm I had to move from one place to another, take and pick up kids, daily check to the preschool, daily household chores, some errands, etc....except touch my sewing machine! No time for it.

I don't know how to achieve my goal in making at least 3 items each week for my shop.
Hopefully having a new 'Etsy Holiday Boot Camp' buddy Lisa from Waterpathdesign would encourage me to do better.

Last weekend I finally able to complete making these 2 Autumn bags, need a whole week to sew both of the bags. I bought the Autumn leaves and acorn pattern fabric last year, just found it on my pile of fabrics.

For this clutch I used Indonesian batik cloth. The finishing of this batik fabric is really special. When you touch it.....the fine protruding fibers on the surface would give you a feeling of 3 dimension shape of the pattern, slightly rough but beautiful indeed.
At this moment ...I feel very sleepy. Couldn't write anymore, so...goodnight to you :)


  1. Hi Henny! Read about you at Canton Village. You have a lovely blog!

  2. Love the bag Henny - I too find that I don't have enough time - or I'm not using my time wisely enough. So maybe I don't need more time but just someone to manage what I have for me!!

  3. Your bags are lovely, Henny! Hope you got a well deserved good rest!