3 Surprises & a Blogfriend's Give Away

I've got 3 surprises today.
The first one ..
a package of beautiful fabrics from Diana, a dear family friend in Holland. she said it was a birthday gift :D

quilting books!! One of my dream is to have Denyse Schmidt's book and noew I have it :D
My ex-college roomate (also my bestfriend) who lives in San Jose now sent it to me by mail.
Oh, I just can't stop turned the pages over and over again.

The last surprise is...
I made a puckery quilt (again), finally finished and could take a quite good macro picture of every details (usually it was difficult for me).

It could be a table runner or wall hanging and still explore the same fabrics.
That's all my 3 surprises for today.
How about yours?

By the way...one of my blogfriend -Christy-has some awesome books for you this weekend. Please pop in to her blog :)
Good luck for you, hope you will win!


  1. Oh how exciting what lovely mail.
    Also happy belated birthday, very sorry I missed it on Facebook.

  2. The Runner is great Henny!! You could do a lot with that layout using the border of white - put a nice print in the center or put nice simple blocks - gosh anything!! The quilting in the white is what makes it interesting!

  3. Congrats Henny, on all of your wonderful goodies, and especially on your newest "puckery" quilt! It's lovely!!

  4. Oowww..I'm happy for you..such a lovely fabrics & books too. I love you batik quilts too..Did you do it by hand or machine?

  5. Those books look wonderful! I hope you enjoy them : )

  6. senengnya dapet paket..bagus2 pula!...
    btw itu batik di quilt sesuai motifnya ya?...cakep banget!