The Winners and New Wall Hanging

Thank you for all the wishes. Sorry that I publish this post a little bit longer. The electricity at my home was on and off couple of times yesterday.
So....here are the winners! I wrote your names on little pieces of paper rolled and my little boy helped me to pick up your names randomly.
Congrat for my friends....
* Jackie *
and.... * Colleen *

Please send me your address by email.

I didn't blog or browse internet so much yesterday because of the electricity, so here a little piece I made..
A small wall hanging with spiral pattern.
Inspired by rose bud, I tried to translate it into a simple spiral pattern to the front of this wall hanging.
To create an impression of a sronger vertical I added a natural straight lines between the 2 batik boxes in the middle. The batik cloth I used has a genuine traditional batik pattern from Java, Indonesia.

Since here in my place already Tuesday morning, I wish you "Happy Tuesday!" :)


  1. and your new wall hanging is really gorgeous.

  2. Henny, I am honored!! Thank you so much! And once again congrats! A beautiful wallhanging too.

  3. Congratulations to the winners! Love the quilting on the wall hanging. The Indonesian batiks you use are beautiful.

  4. I like the spirals, they really do remind me of rosebuds!

  5. i really like the quilting on this!