'....but please don't quilt it, Ma."

Maybe you're curious about that my title for this post.
Actually that was my daughter said to me couple of days ago. She asked me for a slouch bag, but doesn't want me to quilt it like I often did.

I don't know with you, but since I get hooked to sewing and quilting...I often quilt most of my handmade items. Even when it doesn't need or just fine not to be quilted, still my eyes or my feeling said,"it seem this items would be prettier if I add some quilting lines there", haha....

That's why my daughter said ,"I want a cute bag, but please don't quilt it, Ma."

By the way here's the slouch bags I made. She asked for the same design but in different fabric.

Well, let's see..:)


  1. awwwww.... it's very pretty... you are a nice mama to not quilt it :)

    pssst(I would want it quilted!)

  2. That’s a wonderful bag and I think your daughter will love it!
    Sometimes I prefer non quilted bags too, just depending on the pattern.

  3. I like the shape of that bag, a lot of room but not too big!

  4. cute bag! I really like the fabric in the bottom one. thats kind of funny that she asked you not to quilt it!!

  5. Great bag and the fabric on the second one is lovely.