"Monday, hopefully being a beginning of amazing week"

That was my yesterday morning prayer.
I just joined a new thread of 'The New Attraction Law team' on etsy. Interesting, meet new friends and especially could have a chance to practise and learn together what we all had read on the book. Excited!

I started my Monday by sending this pillow covers package to a lovely customer in Wisconsin.

Unfortunately my little boy was sick (He had a lot of cough because of the weather), but getting better now. While accompany him at home I tried to create a new pillow from my Indonesian batik stash. This time I took Java batik pattern and my favorite unbleached cotton.

I quilted 'rose bud' pattern on the white checkered part.
Love to see the result after all :)

How was your Monday? Hopefully great, too :)


  1. Oh, my goodness Henny, it is beautiful. You never cease to amaze me with the bounty of your creativeness. Love to you, Ellen K.

  2. Oh Henny the pillow looks great. You can really play with that spiral quilt pattern. Hope your son's cough is better soon!

  3. Henny, those are so beautiful! priceless.