Argh...ziper thing!

Saturday and Sunday I was busy learning how to sew a zipper to a pillowcase. For months I have been avoided the zipper thing! Had ever tried once but gave up then back to velcro again.
First trial was like this...there was a 'hole' at the corner. Just realized it after the zipper had sewn.

Second trial...not succeed in sewing neatly, puckers as usual!

Finally at the third trial, I can do it better, quite good to my standard.
So happy can sew a zipper now :)
Bye bye to velcro...


  1. I still avoid zippers when I can, too. When I was younger and sewing a garment with a zipper, I always got my mother to do it for me. Now my skills have improved but it is not my favorite thing to sew. (Neither are buttonholes, but I'm getting better at them.)