Unbleached fabric pillow case...oh, I'm in love with it!

While waiting for the last block from my Bee Addicted friend, I made a
pillowcase from 'blacu' fabric or unbleached fabric (maybe it's almost the same with muslin ?). I get hooked with this kind of fabric. Love the natural color and texture so much!.. and also its price :)
I used cotton ribbon for making the crossed pattern at the front.

Remember this table runner? The binding has done! I (again) made a pillow as a matching pair. Well, actually not "a" but four pillows! I don't know, this week I'm in love with pillowcase and unbleached fabric. I love to see how the thread lines turned out after sewing on it.


  1. kain belacu..!! salah satu yang bakal di borong klo mudik hehehhe

  2. The two pillows are wonderful. Love the effect of the white on white on the first one.