My "Sewing Room" is my Sanctuary

A week without sewing, the boy was sick, doing errands here and there, arggh!
Thanks God, tomorrow is weekend again and seems everything under control so I can continue quilting this piece...

Since I still use regular sewing foot for quilting so I applied these almost straight sewing line for each block, but when I turned back .... oh, I just so in love with those square stripes pattern.

Can you see something strange in that picture?
Yes, that's my dressing table where I put my portable sewing machine and it's in my small bed room where I also put and store sewing stuff (fabrics and their 'friends') on the corner.

It's ok for me for not having a special room for sewing. I feel quite comfortable here. I think that's the important thing for supporting my creativity. This room is such like my sanctuary at this present moment.


  1. That is right the sewing room is a sanctuary no matter where it is!

  2. It truly is, Henny.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and also time to spend in your sanctuary.

  3. Henny I am so glad you have a wonderful little place for your sewing and I know how you feel when you cant get to your creative space, you just want to go and sew.

    Thank you so much Henny for your lovely bag, its so beautiful and I have had some wonderful comments on it this week.
    I did send you an email but it bounced back to me and havent had a look to see why.
    Take care and thanks again I really love it and appreciate our friendship.

  4. I do all my crafts in my living room or bedroom, too! Good luck on your quilting! : )