Simple & Easy Tissue Box Cover

Cut 2 pieces fabric of 4,5" x 18" and 1 piece of 5,5" x 18".

Use a 1/4" seam allowance and sew 3 pieces together like this. After that hem around the perimeter (fold it under 1/4" & then again another 1/4" to hide the raw edge & sew it down).

Fold it into something like this (right side in). Sew only 1 side of the rectangle, let the other open.

Cut 2 pieces fabric of 2" x 4", sew around the perimeter then make them into small cute bow ties. Or you can also make another shape of ribbon for an accent at the top, whatever you liked :)

Turn the right of tissue box cover out then hand sew the bow ties onto 2 points.
Make sure the hand sew would also tied 2 pieces together. The middle side that left opened is for pulling the tissue out. At the end of my work I just simply put velcro (for replacing button). From this side you can easily put some tissue into the box cover. Now you're done!

Hope you enjoy this simple tutorial :)


  1. Very pretty Henny. You can actually make these and sell them online. :)

  2. Thanks Henny, they’re so pretty!

  3. you're so creative! i love that brown floral fabric, what is it?

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