Natalie's Sketches

On this post I happily upload my girl's sketches. She's 13 and loves drawing very much. I had ever asked her to start her own blog to find new friends from all over the world that has the same interest with her, but still she hasn't brave yet to start.
She had ever once really mad at me when I upload her sketch without her permission to my other blog. I had apologized and this afternoon I'm surprised when she asked me to upload her sketches in my blog. She wants to know my friends' responses about starting the first blog for a teenage girl like her because she thinks 'blog land' is rather serious.

I know she doesn't believe 'only' my advices, need others :)
So what do you think? (this is her question)
Thank you for all your comments.


  1. Wow, she is a terrific artist! Tell her that I love her sketches and she should continue.

  2. Wonderful sketches and lots of talent. I agree with Jackie's comment..keep it up!

  3. Your daughters sketches are fantastic she is very talented and I am glad she allowed you to upload them.

    My little one has her work on a separate blog.

  4. These drawings are amazing! I love her style. I will visit her blog if she decides to start one! : )

  5. Natalie..kalo nggak percaya sama Mama...percaya sama tante aja ya ...gambar kamu bagusss banget, Tante aja ngiri pengen bisa...oiya tante pernah lihat ada anak2 seumuran Nat yang pada bikin blog. Memang pada pinter2 deh ya anak2 sekarang!!...Ayo dong bikin blog ya Nat ya..nanti tante tengok2in deh dan kasih komentar2 oke!!!

  6. She's got a lot of talent! I hope she continues!