First Pillow Project

Do you remember my first quilt project -a blanket for my daughter-? At that time I had made too many blocks so there's still block stash in my container box. I found my leftover blocks is quite enough to make a pillow although the size is not standard, about 23 x 23 inches. I made it for 3 days actually. Is there any mistakes you found here?

Since I don't have skill to sew zipper so I replaced it with velcro.

I inspired to make this pillow after seeing Jacquie's beautiful pillows. I could say she's one of my "teachers" in blog land (Thanks Jacquie!). I admire of her quilt designs.
Btw I still don't have a sewing machine and I plan to buy one. Could you please give me some advices what type of it that's quite good and not too expensive? Here I often see brands of Butterfly, Singer and Brother.
Thank you so much for your time and advices :)


  1. Great way to improvise, the velcro is a great replacement for the zipper. The pillow looks terrific. Your work is great without a sewing machine. My 1st sewing machine was a Singer and a real work horse. You can't go wrong here.

  2. great job, henny! the pillow is cute. my first sewing machine was a singer too.

  3. I think you did a great job on the pillow! Isn't jacquie the best? I get a lot of inspiration (and courage) from her blog.

    My 1st sewing machine as a Babylock. Before that I sewed on my mom's old Kenmore (before I got my own).