First -to-be- Basting

I am about to sew my first quilt as you know - and this is the part I am confused about now -basting - especially in choosing the filling, I mean the quilt padding. Surely, I did follow some tutorial in it. (thanks Monica for your links!).
Now since I have been shopping around for a whole week to find it and only this kind of white-puffy-like-cloud batting I could buy here....

Not similar to this picture I had download from a quilt batting tutorial blog. It looks like layers..
The shop owner said that they don't have any dacron batting like I wanted. I bring this picture while shopping for the batting :)she meant not only at her shop but others shop here in my city!
Maybe one of you had ever did this basting project with dacron/polyester like I had bought.
I may be bugging you for help -as always- if that's ok! :-)


  1. Good luck with the basting Henny. That is one thing I havent done on my quilt also.

  2. Henny, It will be very difficult to baste with the filling you have. You really need a flat cotton or polyester batting. There are quilt battings that you can order online that will work for you. Don't use what you have, it just won't be productive or work very well.

  3. I agree with Jackie. I've only done small quilting projects, but I've always used flat batting. You should be able to find it on websites that sell fabric and quilting supplies. Good luck! : )

  4. I've never made my own quilt before. It sounds like a great project. Good luck and enjoy making it.