I'm Going to Finish It

Yay, yay…finally I’m going to finish this blanket for my girl(maybe before Christmas) :)
I had chose a strip of red inside and white outside for the binding, but at this moment I faced another problem how to binding the edges, LOL!
Should I made a Dacron layer first in the middle and sew with the backside fabric layer before binding or what? Please, please help me…..friends

I appreciate all your comments and helps. I tell you.. without all your encouragement comments and helps I know I can’t make it all this way.
Thank you so much …
I also proud I can sew now for the first time although I don’t have a sewing machine.


  1. Good on you for being so close to finishing. I have no idea about binding either. I am waiting to do mine when I learn.
    Hope someone can help you Henny.

  2. Hi Henny!
    The quilt is looking so good!
    I've found this 2 quilt binding tutorials for you:



    Hope it helps. Can't wait to see your quilt all finished! Take care!

  3. I wish I knew more about quilting so I could answer your question!
    I just realized that you asked what penmanship is on my blog - it means handwriting : )

  4. Good for you, Henny. It's looking just great. I can't help you either, but I know there are lots of places on the Internet that are very helpful.

  5. That looks beautiful Henny and it just reminded me that my own needlework (cross stitch) is still somewhere in the house collecting dust, unfinished. :)

  6. you should be proud...congratulations! i agree with monica, those are both very good. there is another tutorial at crazy mom quilts that is very good too. good luck!