Hi friends..
I just finished my reading on ‘The Friday Night Knitting Club’ novel (after a whole month!) and found these wonderful notes that I want to share with you, something about anything we’ve made by our own hand.

“This can be the most fun:
To show off what we’ve made. And other times it’s just so hard to wear or use something that seems less than perfect or didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. But just put in on anyway; celebrate your hard work and your talent. And your love. Why else would we create? Especially in the world that doesn’t need homemade anything. That’s when we need homemade everything. It never matters if things don’t end up just the way you planned. Every moment is a work in progress. There may be worse, but there is always better. When you wear or use something you’ve made with your own hands, you surround yourself with love, and all the love that came before you. The real achievement, you see, is being proud of what you’ve made.”

What do you think.. beautiful isn't it?


  1. I agree that it is so important to be proud of your work and the effort you put into making something!

  2. love that...that's how i feel about wrapping up in one of my quilts. how is your quilt coming along?

  3. Great quote you took from the book. So true and I love anything homemade, its beautiful.

  4. Thanks for all your comments...
    I do love homemade things. To my eyes they're having "something", more precious maybe because of the love in making them stay inside :)

    my quilt is still in progress. yesterday I run out of one of fabric. I supposed it would be done before Xmas (as a gift for myself! haha...)