This post is just an intermezzo in the middle of my quilting work.

I bought this inspiring book couple of days ago. At first, I planned to give it as a Christmas present for my boy’s Montessori teacher but I couldn’t stand to open the plastic cover and read it myself. Really it’s a good book for teacher or someone who’s working involved with kids. I speed up my reading and had finished it in an hour last night. I found many encouraging quotes and heartwarming stories in it.

I’ll share some of inspirational quotes here:
Every good teacher is a student of students. After all, if he is to venture to cross over to student’s side of experience, he should have some idea of where he is going and how to get there. –Wayne.R.Rood-

Abruptly, circumstances arrange themselves so that the commonplace becomes the significant and the routine memorable….Afterward you know that you have learned something valuable, something that can’t always describe exactly, or measured, or fully explained. But something. –Arthur Gordon-

In teching you can’t see the fruit of a day’s work. It’s invisible and remains so, maybe for twenty years. –Jaques Barquin-

Oh yes, one more thing.. I found funny notes from a kid on this book that loves his ‘very strict’ teacher. I thought before kids don’t like a strict teacher :)


  1. i love that first quote. it's just how i feel about teaching...my students are my most important subject matter.

  2. What a terrific book! It will make a great book for a teacher, definitely. I love the progress on your blocks! Really pretty! Your hand sewing is terrific!!

  3. You got some good quotes from the book and what a great book for the teachers.