New Fabrics

Yesterday after I took Ian to his kindergarten and accompanied him playing on the playground that has already set for celebrating the UN day (all the kids and teachers were supposed to wear traditional costumes from different countries around the world, Ian was wearing Japanese costume) then I spent couple of hours waiting him going off from school, first at a traditional market buying fruits and vegetables and then visit a nearby fabrics store.

At first I just want to buy one metre of white polka dot that I run out of it, but finally I ended up on buying many kinds of fabrics. I plan to collect them for my future quilting. Hahaha....as if I’m an expert on it! I don’t care, I just fell in love to see their lovely colors and pattern.


  1. I am like that with my patterned paper, I go to buy one piece and end up with more (ha ha).
    Have fun collecting its pretty addictive too.

  2. lovely fabrics henny. i especially love the polka dots!

  3. Its beautiful, all the colors and patterns. :)

  4. It's so nice to have fabric on hand for when inspiration strikes!
    Your colors are gorgeous.