Tote, Tote...

Lately I love making Tote Bags. This week I try on pattern from Sewingwithme from Etsy. I bought this 'Silhouette Flower on White' fabric last week and planned it for my bed sheet, but I can't stand and cut it for making a Tote :)
I used fusible interfacing between layers.

About this one....I used my left over Modern Blue Batik for this one. Quilted both sides of the bag body and used polyester batting between layers. Make it a little bit more puffy than the White Tote.


  1. Henny, these are great. I really like both of them. They are so pretty. You do such a fantastic job.
    Hope summer is going well with you and your family. Are the children on vacation now in your part of the world?
    Take care. Sending this with love, ellen k.